July 23, 2024

Bergina Brickhouse Isbell M.D.- NEW BOOK!!!

Do you know anyone who currently is depressed? If so, there is a book coming out very soon that I believe will be very beneficial. Depression Expert and Life Coach, Bergina Brickhouse Isbell M.D., M.S. has written a book on depression that is going to give you the weapons that you or someone you know needs to win the battle against depression.

BRIEF BIO: Dr. Bergina Brickhouse Isbell M.D., M.S. is a board certified psychiatrist who was trained at the world famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. She also has trained at the graduate school level at Johns Hopkins University,obtaining her Master’s degree at The Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her passion and compassion for people is evident in the way she leads her life. She is committed to serving others. If you ever spent anytime with her, this quality is too obvious to miss.

The book is titled “Victory Over Depression With and Without Medicines“. Please share this throughout your social media. Chances are with several hundred million people known to have depression throughout the world, someone you know, or that is in your realm of influence, is currently battling depression. Please express your love by clicking share that others may be able to defeat the often formidable foe of depression. See Below:

Victory Over Depression


Humbly Submitted,

Amir Isbell

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